Why would someone get referred to the Dean of Students Office?

  • There could be a hold on someone's account
  • It could be a matter concerning student conduct or academic integrity 
  • If someone wishes to file a complaint/grievance

What are the different types of holds and why are they placed on an account?

  • Student Conduct (i.e. appearance hold or sanction hold) 
  • Academic Integrity (i.e. did not complete sanction) 

What are the procedures to follow for each type of hold?

  • Complete the sanction, whether it is for student conduct or academic integrity
  • Call the office if you need to schedule a meeting (i.e. appearance hold) 
  • If you completed the Integrity of Scholars and Grades Course with an 80% or higher, notify the course instructor - Jake Kasper - via email at kasperja@msu.edu
  • If you completed the Smart Program, evidence you completed the course must be submitted to the Dean of Students Office in order for the hold to be removed. This can be done via email or in person. 

Who to contact with questions?

  • Our office at 735 E. Shaw Lane, W106A West Owen Graduate Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824 
  • Phone: (517) 884-0789
  • Email: doso@msu.edu 

How to make an appointment?

  • Call our office at (517) 884-0789