Medical Leave and Return Process Summary

Spartans thrive when every member of our community can achieve their health and wellness goals alongside academic and co-curricular requirements. The Medical Leave and Return Process is an exceptional remedy to assist students experiencing medical issues who must take time away from academic enrollment and endeavors to support student success upon return to the academic environment at Michigan State University. A Medical Leave offers students time and space to prioritize their physical and mental health and wellness in an individualized timeframe while removed from university expectations.

The University Withdrawal Policy empowers the Medical Leave and Return Process, which applies to student requests for complete withdrawal from a term due to medical reasons for self that have had a catastrophic impact on the student’s ability to remain enrolled. The Medical Leave and Return Process applies to undergraduate, graduate, and graduate-professional students, with the exception of students in the College of Human Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine, and College of Law, who may seek leave information and options directly from their College’s student affairs/services office.

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Process Transition

The new Medical Leave and Return Process (MLRP) became effective for the Fall 2020 term, replacing the Medical Withdrawal Procedure, a previous University process. Students who are currently away from MSU due to a Medical Withdrawal and who need to complete verification of readiness to return before coming back should follow the “Return from Medical Leave” process, outlined in the new MLRP summary. To initiate a request for Return from Medical Leave, visit the “Make a Request” section of the Dean of Students website. You may submit your request directly to the Dean of Students Office (you no longer submit your request to your College or NSSC).