Student Conduct System

The student conduct system is designed to support the educational mission of the University by supporting community standards, while protecting the associated rights and responsibilities of students. As such, students whose behavior reportedly violated community standards (i.e., University policy), may be referred to the student conduct system for review.

Who can file a complaint?

MSU faculty, staff, and students can file a formal complaint.

What happens after a complaint is filed?

The respondent (the accused student) will be sent an email to their email address informing that a complaint has been filed and requesting the respondent to attend an informal meeting with an administrator in the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution Office. At that meeting, the respondent will be given a copy of the complaint, informed about their rights and responsibilities, and provided options on how to resolve the complaint.

What happens if the respondent is found responsible?

Disciplinary sanctions for personal misconduct range from a formal warning to dismissal from Michigan State University. For more information, see Article 5 of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

How do I file a complaint?

To initiate the complaint process follow this link to the please contact the Dean of Students Office at (517) 884-0789 or via email at A Dean of Students Office team member will reach out to explain and support you through the entirety of the complaint process. When contacting us, please include your name and contact information. 

On-campus residents are encouraged to initiate the complaint process by speaking with their Community Director, who may also provide more immediate support and resources.


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